The most disgusting statement

The statement of the Us ambassador in Bucharest,not only made me sick and also reminded me again why I have this sickness feeling whenever I get to talk with an american.If we do not think about how arrogant they are , I truly help myself to not make any comments further more.Mr.Ambassador shall mind his own business and sort out visa problems.,while the protests shall be taken care by romanian governement.As of he is not entitle of anyhow into rulling,I truly desconsider him and the country he represnts.And once again I will just pretend i do not speak english at all in Bucharest.If they live here,they shall learn the language.
Mr Ambassador,go home,we do not need you.


1 comentariu

  1. colanti dama said,

    23 Septembrie 2012 la 11:18

    Inca “o mica” blasfemie. Colanti foarte apropiati de sfinti.

    Intim apropiati

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