Funny questions about home from ignorant people

-Do you have electricity?
(no actually we are still using candles and we quite like it because now we have the the ones with a nice smell)
-Can you shoot a Kalashnikov?
(yes,of course we also have grenades in our purses and we do train our kids to shoot anyone is not Romanian)
-what is your main dish?is it good?
(whatever we want.Yes, if you like good food)
-do you have roads?and cars?
(both together:no we don’t actually we prefer carriages and horses , we walk through mud,no really specially in pipera area)
-where is Romania?
(it is the small country south eastern Europe in shape of a fish,forget it… somewhere in Europe,close to Russia)
-do you speak Russian?
(yes, of course also Bulgarian, Hungarian and all the languages of our neighbours)
-can you tell me more about your country?
(go on Wikipedia, Google etc like anyone else)
-how did you learn English?
(from our neighbours)
-Why did you shoot Ceausescu?
(because he was an evil,evil person and this is how we punish anyone stepping on our toes,asking stupid questions)
And the best one:you don’t look like a gypsy…
(neither another 22 million people living in this country, gypsies live now in Italy and France)
To be continued…

2 comentarii

  1. Marius said,

    24 Decembrie 2011 la 11:46

    And the best one:you don’t look like a gypsy…
    (neither another 22 million people living in this country, gypsies live now in Italy and France)

    Cireasa de pe tort, am ras cu pofta :)))

  2. Larisa said,

    28 Decembrie 2011 la 14:56

    🙂 Last one I got it as well in Poland… He replied to me that Romanian have curly black hair and blue eyes, with a creole skin…. funny or not funny, it depends on the way you look at it 🙂

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