I have decided that I have to start writing in English too.It is a good point to open this blog for a new public.

So what to write about?Haven’t got a clue.But let’s start…as soon  as I’ll be able to ,I’ll be as funny as in Romanian,until then:

I live in UK for six months now and slowly I got use with civilization.That is something I am able to adapt easily.Still find it a very cold society with no value for family and friends.Friends here are just drinking buddies , that they wouldn’t even care if you make it home safe.Funny enough I think I managed again to choose the best people out of the best and to keep away the fake people, pretending to be what they are not.

What I hate about them:they can not relate face to face,they do not call,they text(come on guys use that min u have on a contract),selfish,superficial to/in relationship,everything in them is crying out loud:self,self,self…(this is what a friend told me).

I am just  bothered of their way to have fun… weather chatting,emotion hiding, some little robots tought by corporate about behavior, attitude, where a wrong word or phrase can lead to your lay off.Still good because I managed to be even more diplomatic then before.But I just feel empty on inside.My friends are away and I still call them when I am troubled and somehow in my twisted mind I can hope that one day, I’ll have them by my side to talk about whatever crosses my mind.I just wish I can have them here, next to me in our little small „perfect world”.

London,sounds big word…but to be honest ,I felt in love with UK years ago and  not with London.London is a big money fabric,cold and empty,I have no wish to live here anymore,I start to think how the hell I am getting  out of this.I am trying to find reasons to stay and not to make a move again to another city or country.

I need to be surrounded by human beings ,not by assholes.

So…yes they have bimbos.yes they have 13 yrs girls with boyfriends:(, wrong make up, wearing something near to nothing,freezing in bus station just to show off.I have asked the hard question.What do you want to do when you’ll grow up?Answer:a model.Did not shocked me, it is the same in Romania.It is much much easier to spread your legs then working and learning .

And when it comes to expectations.. why I am so bothered when an idiot comes to me asking me directly to have a coffee in his place, when the girls here are just using men for one night stand.The feminism went wrong.yes ,we can have sex too, but to serve yourself on a tray… I think it is just not part of something I can take.I grew up differently and no matter how open minded I am , I still believe that you have to create boundaries.This is what separates us from animals.

Somehow it is no more evolution, it is just involution.

So disappointing.

I am just Mad, going to insanity…


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