To delete or not to delete

As I said before I do have got used with a very nice habit of deleting every each single telephone number that I do not use anymore.Probably it was the best until I reached  a certain person’s phone number that made myself tremble.

My heart was beating fast and I was just thinking of that person..and some nice memories together.It involved a rose and a movie.I have to admit we had quite a fun together until an evil person put out a spell on him and he did not call back.Ever.My „prince” turned into silence.

At one moment I thought he died, now I’m pretty sure that whatever has happened he had survived.I have gotten my confirmation.

But he was very dear to me,  a sweet weakness, somewhere between a friend and a boyfriend, more then mysterious, enough to make me curious,with sense of humor.I do not know where he is now or what he is doing, as I was punished for my imbecility of going on with truism and sincerity. I am sending each time I am thinking about him a nice thought, but here comes the moment of truth.

Based on rules I shall delete the number and just move on ;based on my heart(which takes each time the worst decisions) it is probably my security on certain idea and principle that serendipity does exist.And one day(if you can imagine the scenario into my head,which is longer than the one presented below) we will see each other somewhere, recognize and just hug and say, hey it’s long time, isn’t it?

Now I did not delete it yet and I’m just thinking a lot of it..And believe me, it troubles me more than moving the hell out of the country.

So there remains one question:

To delete or not to delete…


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  1. Miha said,

    11 Februarie 2011 la 12:58

    Do exactly what your heart is telling you to do! And, from what am I reading, you are not ready to delete it! For sure, it will come the time to delete those memories and you will feel it, trust me. And as a fucking idiot told me: „there is life after everyting!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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