Birthday blues

I’m getting older and this is not a very good for my own mood.As any woman getting older I do know that the time between clubs and shopping  it’ s each day a shorter way to diapers and baby food.

I got my first wrinkle a while ago and I’m  just getting used to see my body going down.My head hurts, I can not hear anymore, my eyes are telling me that I shall get glasses and I just sit and wonder what’s wrong.And then it hits me:whatever I’ll do I can  not avoid the pampers.

As you already know I’m not a fan of kids of my own.I like them in other people houses because I know that at any given moment I can quickly pack and go home where is incredible quiet.I know I am selfish with this kind of issues(I just remember a joke,a mean one:why is better to have a cat,instead of a kid?Because she wash herself).Now putting the joke on a side, I know that my freedom days are counted and I just hope that my friend will keep her promise and we will make apple and biscuits purée together.


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