„Media again”

My first post in English…If any misspellings please excuse,not in the mood for auto correct.Later on..I’ll do it.(I did it)

I’m reading the press today:Campeanu.ro,juridice.ro,a little gossip:rimel.ro,catavencu.ro,libertatea.ro-kind of  The sun with local disasters.I’m reading only the titles in this one.

I searched references for a person.Good guy.Press sucks:media sucks again.

My stuff:reading press,my thoughts :kill the journalists -the sheety ones,my ideas…lovely guy…why spread with mud around him?I know again for publicity…prove him that his wrong and they are right..idiots,my thoughts again.

I love this person.Professional,charismatic,but let’s kill him.Why?Cause he has success.Let’s invent something.Let’s invent something dirty.Much better now.The stupid people will believe us.Why?Cause it has a big title.In a local newspaper.We feel better now.We don’t look so stupid anymore.

Now who wants more references?

Crap media.Hate it…


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